Dragon Flying in the Sky: The I Ching Guide To Prosperity and Success in the 21st Century, the Century of the Dragon was released in late 2001. According to the timeless wisdom of the I Ching, the transition into the new century and the new millennium signifies the start of a new cycle. The twenty-first century will be a period of Seeking Harmony and Great Harvest. There are opportunities for everyone during this period to be spiritually prosperous and prosperously spiritual. Through his extensive mastery of the I Ching, Master Alfred gracefully guides us into living the life of a “dragon,” the Chinese symbol of virtue and wisdom. Master Alfred reveals the Six Stages of becoming spiritually prosperous and prosperously spiritual, and leads the reader onto the transformative path of becoming a dragon. Holding the attributes of both strength and humility, a dragon can transform his present situation, as well as his future, with ease. Everyone can be a master of his or her own life. Everyone can be a dragon in the twenty-first century.

 By The Numbers The Numerology of the I Ching – Released Nov 2000

The Numerology of the I Ching is the first book to bring the complete Taoist teachings on form, structure, and symbol in the I Ching to a Western audience, and it is a natural complement to Master Alfred’s heralded book, The Complete I Ching. It examines not only the classic circular arrangement of the eight primary trigrams but also the hidden numerology in this arrangement and its relationship to the Tai Chi and the five elements. Master Alfred explains the binary code underlying the I Ching, the symbolism behind the square diagram of all 64 hexagrams, and Fu Xi’s unique circular layout of the 64 hexagrams, completely unknown in the West. Entire chapters are devoted to such vital material as the hosts of the hexagrams, the mutual hexagrams, and the core hexagrams – all barely hinted at in previous versions of the I Ching. With appendices listing additional symbolism for each hexagram, formulas for easily memorizing the Chinese names of the sixty-four hexagrams, and much more, The Numerology of the I Ching is a must for serious I Ching students.

 The Definitive Translation The Complete I Ching Amazon 5 Star Rating
Intuition, Dec 1998 – The publisher’s decision to call this ‘the definitive translation’ might at first seem presumptuous, given the fact that generations of readers have come to venerate the Wilhelm, Legge, and Blofeld versions. However, a careful comparison of Huang’s translation with these prior classics reveals it superiority in nearly every respect. Readers interested in acquainting themselves with the I Chingfor the first time need to look no further; those who have formed a deep personal attachment to a previous translation owe it to themselves to explore this one as well.

Complete Tai ChiComplete Tai Chi  Amazon 4 1/2 Star Rating
A reader from New York, New York – In clear photographs explicated by easily followed instructions, Alfred Huang’s book makes it possible to learn this Tai Chi form on your own. If you’re already familiar with any style of Tai Chi, your progress will be rapid, as you’ll already understand subtleties of weight shifting, breathing and alignment that are nearly impossible to fully convey in cold print. Whatever your background, the effort is worth it. This version of the Wu style instills a soft, buoyant energy; you can feel your body being healed and strengthened as you run through the movements. There are relatively few books around on this style. Although a little weak on illustrating certain transitions, Complete Tai Chi is one of the best, and Huang’s teaching is saturated with authenticity. He knows his stuff and teaches it beautifully.