Centuries of scholarly and other kinds of commentary have expanded the I Ching far beyond its original boundaries. Thus, the Chinese say, “The I Ching is as vast as the open sea.”

We have contributed to this vast sea of wisdom by bringing together both historical commentary and Master Alfred’s enlightened writings on the subject. Please use these pages respectfully and with an open heart. You will be rewarded with the endless delight and increased prosperity on many levels brought about by your connection to this timeless wisdom. It’s all right here at your finger tips! What are you waiting for?

In this area, we have provided a vast array of terms, consultation methods, and materials for you to use as reference.

The information contained here exhibits many hundreds of years worth of accumulated knowledge and observation of the I Ching by various Masters and their Students, and is in itself a powerful tool for study and insight.

If you are new to this site, this page is an excellent place to begin your journey of discovery. Once you become more familiar with the basic I Ching concepts and terminology this page will become a valuable tool for future reference.


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