Future Plans

Alfred’s Plans for the Future

Our students are important to us. Because the I Ching has so much to offer everyone in all aspects of daily life, in addition to the currently offered free Membership sign ups and paid Student Membership signups (Initial Level and Advanced Level), over the next several months we will be developing one more Student Member sign up (Adept Level),  several books, and an eNewsletter. Other plans include several eBooks, a users group just for I Ching Mastery students, additional study materials, and other methods of consulting  the I Ching. We are also pleased to report that additional web sites in at least six other languages are also in the planning stages at present. We expect to launch these sites over the next two years as part of our effort to help all the world’s peoples take their rightful place between Heaven and Earth.

All of these plans are made possible by just two things – the world’s current thirst for spiritual Balance and Harmony and the overwhelming success and feedback his books have brought since Master Alfred  first released them. Master Alfred sends his sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported his efforts in the past. He looks forward to serving those and all others to come in the future. Please check back during the next few months for updates and launch times.


Coming web sites . . . 

I Ching for Business
(coming 2020)
Who said that to be spiritually tuned in one must be unsuccessful in material ways? We live in perhaps the world’s most materially prosperous time ever, yet are poor in spirit and suffer from lack of material and spiritual integration. To be truly on our paths both as individuals and professionals is exactly in keeping with the I Ching’s ancient wisdom. This web site will show you how to use the I Ching to strategize your business and financial life, and help you achieve Master Alfred’s main goal of I Ching Mastery: to become Spiritually Prosperous and Prosperously Spiritual.

I Ching for Relationships
(coming 2020)
It is truly through our relationships – with ourselves and each other – that we grow and turn raw experience into integral wisdom. The originators of the I Ching knew this as did all commentators and scholars to follow. Understanding how the mutual love between a man and woman is the will of Heaven and Earth, King Wen arranged the thirty-four hexagrams of the Lower Canon – the canon of humanity – to begin with Mutual Influence and Long Lasting. Understand how the structure of the I Ching itself and the imagery of the Confucian text points to this. Master Alfred’s web site will help you learn to use the ancient wisdom of the I Ching to keep your important relationships centered in the heart.

Coming publications . . .

A four-book series on the I Ching

  • The Complete I Ching (already published)
  • The Numerology of the I Ching (already published)
  • A Concise Version of the I Ching (now online for Students)
  • The Songs in the I Ching

Twelve Guides on specific topics

  • The I Ching Guide to Prosperity and Success (already published)
  • The I Ching Guide to Approaching the Divine
  • The I Ching Guide to Rejuvenation and Longevity
  • The I Ching Guide to Feng Shui
  • The I Ching Guide to Relationships
  • The I Ching Guide to Lovemaking
  • The I Ching Guide to Family Education
  • The I Ching Guide to Emotional Wellness
  • The I Ching Guide to Spiritual Growth
  • The I Ching Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose
  • The I Ching Guide to Understanding China
  • The I Ching Guide to Understanding America