Master Alfred Huang Welcomes You

Master Alfred Huang Welcomes You

Welcome to our site!

At the beginning of the new century and the new millennium, Master Alfred created his Mission Statement:

“Set up a divine heart between heaven and earth;

   Bringing out meaningful lives to the living;
   Continue the unsurpassed learning of the past;
   Creating eternal peace for the future.”

The I Ching is a book of ancient wisdom. It provides the framework for people to live in harmony with their hearts and their actions, and gives advice on life’s situations as they arise. Its wise counsel guides one to act in accordance with natural spiritual principles, which will result in a successful and abundant life. For many centuries, the I Ching was wrapped in mystery and misunderstanding. Western translations, which have been available for over one hundred years, were seriously flawed due to either a lack of understanding of Chinese thought and culture or simply because of the difficulties in translation. Serious students of the I Ching faced great difficulties understanding the beautiful and comprehensive philosophy of the sacred book.

Now, for the first time in history, you can become part of the living worldwide tradition of I Ching practitioners as it evolves on the Internet. Please join us in community as we share our experience, wisdom, and understanding.

For more than 3000 years the I Ching has been the most important book of consultation in the world, guiding the lives of millions of people through the ages. Master Huang has painstakingly restored the I Ching to its pure and authentic nature through his writings by distilling centuries of oriental wisdom and tradition. His scholarly translations of the book embody the original essence of the profound ancient wisdom, and now form the basis for online consultations, and study materials.

Master Alfred Huang founded I Ching Mastery for the global empowerment of I Ching students, spanning the ages to link the ancient intuitive understanding of the polarity of the universe to the modern development of computer technology and binary calculation. His understanding and teachings of the I Ching join the internal reality of the heart to the external technology of the computer – both binary and complementary in nature, and each wonderfully enriched by the other. Master Alfred is dedicated to helping all students bridge this gap between inner and outer, heart and mind, yin and yang. As an I Ching Master, a Professor of Taoist Philosophy, a teacher, and a writer, Master Alfred is adept at bringing Spiritual Prosperity and Prosperous Spirituality as an active principle into the lives of his students. Master Alfred’s book, The Complete I Ching, has recently created a great stir among longtime I Ching practitioners. See for yourself why Master Alfred’s translations of this ancient body of wisdom are so critically acclaimed by visiting About Alfred.

I Ching Mastery will help you, as a Basic Member, to share in Master Alfred’s life experience and knowledge, where you too can walk the path to become an I Ching master. As a Basic Member, you will enjoy unlimited free consultations, a complimentary subscription to Moving Lines, our informative monthly electronic newsletter, and other benefits – PLUS – you will have the opportunity to enroll as a Student Member in the I Ching Mastery website for the INITIAL or ADVANCED Study Materials. Student membership requires a small annual fee and entitles you to discounts on books, advance notice of special events and promotions, more in-depth consultations, and many other benefits. Please visit the registration page for a full listing. For our members living in the scandinavian countries we hare recently started a cooporation with the psyicis at: and

Thank you for visiting I Ching Mastery. Please feel free to explore the site and to sign up as a FREE BASIC MEMBER with our compliments. There is no obligation and you may cancel at any time. We know that many of you will choose to further your understanding of the I Ching once you understand the value of Master Alfred’s teaching. We sincerely wish each and every one of you a Spiritually Prosperous and Prosperously Spiritual life!